Friday, September 9, 2011

Update 9/9

Just talked to the nurse. Dad is doing ok. Dr. Joyce was just in and said everything is looking good. He's up in a chair right now. Still has the chest tube for now. The nurse thought the confusion was a little less today. He got a little agitated and restless last night,but they think that was from pain. They got that under control and now he seems calmer.
Update 11:30am: Dad is pretty out of it. He hasn't really eaten anything and is in a considerable amount of pain. Infectious disease has found bacteria in his blood. His WBC count is normal and he does not have a fever. It does not appear to be sepis at this point, but there are blood results pending for that. They have also cultured his urine.
Because of pain in his abdomen and the infection, he will be going down soon for a chest and stomach CT. More as we find out.

Update 8:30pm: So, Dad does have a blood infection. He's not septic yet thankfully, and they have started him on super powerful anti-biotics. The other thing we learned is that he has a spleen infarction. Basically, there's a blood clot cutting off the oxygen to his spleen. It's very painful. At this point they are keeping a close eye on it and hoping the clot dissolves on its own. They really don't want to have to do another surgery.

They've also removed the chest tube, so the PICC line is the only thing he's "hooked up to". They can use that for giving meds, drawing blood, etc.

He's still pretty confused and sleepy. Tonight he couldn't remember how to feed himself. Hopefully this will all pass very soon as it's very hard to watch (or even hear about).

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