Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update 9/20/2011

So, things were fairly quiet the last few days. Dad is still in the hospital, fighting an infection in the incision made to replace the pump. The put a wound vac on it after doing a surgical clean-out and debridement and we thought he was over the hump. Turns out he's now got another injection just above the first one. He's going back to the OR today for another clean-out and debridement.

Not sure when he'll be coming home. The main doctor seems to want to get him home ASAP, even though his family, therapy and most of the nursing staff think he needs to stay until he's at least over all these infections. Especially the last couple of days where he's been very tired and no energy from his body fighting the infection. Whenever he's tired, his mental confusion goes up, which makes him potentially be home by himself a bad idea.

We are waiting to find out today what the doctors find in the OR. Not sure we'll get any resolution to the apparent stalemate, but at least we should have more information to debate.

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