Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update 9/8

Guess I forgot to update last night. They got the PICC line in with no problems and removed the central line.
He had a bit of a rough evening at first because he can't verbalize asking for pain meds. Once the nurses figured that out, he did better as they were able to keep meds on board. He didn't sleep much last night as he's easily stimulated with activity in the room. They are considering moving him to the step-down unit where it's a little quieter.
Right now they're taking him for a CT of his head to check for signs of a new stroke. It's precautionary only at this point. He's still not able to communicate very well and not really able to follow commands. That is not surprising as we knew the anesthesia would aggravate the stroke symptoms. We won't know results until this afternoon.
I'll try to post more frequently, but I'm at work so it's not as easy.

UPDATE 1:40PM: CT came back clear. No new stroke or bleed!

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